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dline help: add oper reason, clarify temps, add ON <server>.

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-DLINE [duration] <ip> :[reason]
+DLINE [duration] <ip> :[reason] [| oper reason]
 Adds a DLINE to the database which will deny any
 connections from the IP address of the banned client.
 The banned client will receive a message saying
 he/she is banned with reason [reason].
-Duration is optional, and is in minutes.
+Duration is optional, and is in minutes. If specified,
+the DLINE will not be saved in the database.
+If an oper reason is added (the pipe must be specified
+to seperate the fields) this will be added into the
+database but will not be shown to the user when they
+are given the kline reason.
+DLINE [duration] <ip> ON irc.server :[reason] [| oper reason]
+will dline the user on irc.server if irc.server accepts
+remote dlines. irc.server can contain wildcards.
 - Requires Oper Priv: K