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Jilles Tjoelker  committed d258840

Move some declarations to header files, this enforces that they match.

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File include/ircd.h

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 extern rb_dlink_list oper_list;
 extern rb_dlink_list dead_list;
+extern rb_bh *channel_heap;
+extern rb_bh *ban_heap;
+extern rb_bh *topic_heap;
+extern rb_bh *member_heap;
 extern int testing_conf;
 extern struct ev_entry *check_splitmode_ev;

File include/reslib.h

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 extern void irc_ns_put32(unsigned long src, unsigned char *dst);
 extern int irc_res_mkquery(const char *dname, int class, int type, unsigned char *buf, int buflen);
+extern char irc_domain[HOSTLEN + 1];

File src/channel.c

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 #include "s_newconf.h"
 #include "logger.h"
-extern rb_bh *channel_heap;
-extern rb_bh *ban_heap;
-extern rb_bh *topic_heap;
-extern rb_bh *member_heap;
 static int channel_capabs[] = { CAP_EX, CAP_IE,

File src/res.c

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 static struct reslist *find_id(int id);
 static struct DNSReply *make_dnsreply(struct reslist *request);
-extern char irc_domain[HOSTLEN + 1];
  * int
  * res_ourserver(inp)