Jilles Tjoelker  committed e4bd165

Fix various compiler warnings.

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File include/hook.h

 typedef void (*hookfn) (void *data);
-int h_iosend_id;
-int h_iorecv_id;
-int h_iorecvctrl_id;
+extern int h_iosend_id;
+extern int h_iorecv_id;
+extern int h_iorecvctrl_id;
-int h_burst_client;
-int h_burst_channel;
-int h_burst_finished;
-int h_server_introduced;
-int h_server_eob;
-int h_client_exit;
-int h_umode_changed;
-int h_new_local_user;
-int h_new_remote_user;
-int h_introduce_client;
+extern int h_burst_client;
+extern int h_burst_channel;
+extern int h_burst_finished;
+extern int h_server_introduced;
+extern int h_server_eob;
+extern int h_client_exit;
+extern int h_umode_changed;
+extern int h_new_local_user;
+extern int h_new_remote_user;
+extern int h_introduce_client;
 void init_hook(void);
 int register_hook(const char *name);

File include/irc_dictionary.h

 extern void *irc_dictionary_delete(struct Dictionary *dtree, const char *key);
+ * irc_dictionary_size() returns the number of elements in a dictionary tree.
+ */
+extern unsigned int irc_dictionary_size(struct Dictionary *dtree);
 void irc_dictionary_stats(struct Dictionary *dict, void (*cb)(const char *line, void *privdata), void *privdata);

File include/s_conf.h

 extern struct admin_info AdminInfo;	/* defined in ircd.c */
 /* End GLOBAL section */
-rb_dlink_list service_list;
+extern rb_dlink_list service_list;
 typedef enum temp_list
 } temp_list;
-rb_dlink_list temp_klines[LAST_TEMP_TYPE];
-rb_dlink_list temp_dlines[LAST_TEMP_TYPE];
+extern rb_dlink_list temp_klines[LAST_TEMP_TYPE];
+extern rb_dlink_list temp_dlines[LAST_TEMP_TYPE];
 extern void init_s_conf(void);

File include/s_newconf.h

 extern rb_dlink_list nd_list;
 extern rb_dlink_list tgchange_list;
-struct _rb_patricia_tree_t *tgchange_tree;
+extern struct _rb_patricia_tree_t *tgchange_tree;
 extern void init_s_newconf(void);
 extern void clear_s_newconf(void);

File src/channel.c

 #include "s_newconf.h"
 #include "logger.h"
-extern rb_dlink_list global_channel_list;
-extern struct config_channel_entry ConfigChannel;
 extern rb_bh *channel_heap;
 extern rb_bh *ban_heap;
 extern rb_bh *topic_heap;

File src/chmode.c

 #define SM_ERR_RPL_Q            0x00000800
 #define SM_ERR_RPL_F            0x00001000
-void set_channel_mode(struct Client *, struct Client *,
-		     struct Channel *, struct membership *, int, const char **);
-int add_id(struct Client *source_p, struct Channel *chptr,
-		  const char *banid, rb_dlink_list * list, long mode_type);
 static struct ChModeChange mode_changes[BUFSIZE];
 static int mode_count;
 static int mode_limit;
 static int mask_pos;
+static int
 get_channel_access(struct Client *source_p, struct membership *msptr)
 	if(!MyClient(source_p) || is_chanop(msptr))
 int h_server_introduced;
 int h_server_eob;
 int h_client_exit;
+int h_umode_changed;
 int h_new_local_user;
 int h_new_remote_user;
 int h_introduce_client;

File src/irc_dictionary.c

  * Side Effects:
  *     - a new root node is nominated.
+static void
 irc_dictionary_retune(struct Dictionary *dict, const char *key)
 	struct DictionaryElement n, *tn, *left, *right, *node;
  * Side Effects:
  *     - a node is linked to the dictionary tree
+static void
 irc_dictionary_link(struct Dictionary *dict,
 	struct DictionaryElement *delem)
  * Side Effects:
  *     - the root node is unlinked from the dictionary tree
+static void
 irc_dictionary_unlink_root(struct Dictionary *dict)
 	struct DictionaryElement *delem, *nextnode, *parentofnext;
 	if (state->cur == NULL)
-		ilog(L_MAIN, "irc_dictionary_foreach_next(): called again after iteration finished on dtree<%p>", dtree);
+		ilog(L_MAIN, "irc_dictionary_foreach_next(): called again after iteration finished on dtree<%p>", (void *)dtree);
 				dict->id, dict->count);
 		snprintf(str, sizeof str, "Dictionary stats for <%p> (%d)",
-				dict, dict->count);
+				(void *)dict, dict->count);
 	cb(str, privdata);
 	maxdepth = 0;
 	sum = stats_recurse(dict->root, 0, &maxdepth);

File src/newconf.c

 	char **loc = location;
 	char *input = data;
-	if(len && strlen(input) > len)
+	if(len && strlen(input) > (unsigned int)len)
 		input[len] = '\0';

File src/reject.c

 	uint32_t mask_hashv;
-static rb_patricia_tree_t *unknown_tree;
 static void
 reject_exit(void *unused)
 static struct reslist *find_id(int id);
 static struct DNSReply *make_dnsreply(struct reslist *request);
-extern struct rb_sockaddr_storage irc_nsaddr_list[IRCD_MAXNS];
-extern int irc_nscount;
 extern char irc_domain[HOSTLEN + 1];

File src/substitution.c

 #include "stdinc.h"
 #include "s_user.h"
 #include "match.h"
+#include "substitution.h"
  * Simple mappings for $foo -> 'bar'.