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jdhore  committed e61fa1e

Rewrite message when you don't have the privs to kick a user
(be it that the user is +a and you're +o/+h or you're not an op at all).

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 Todo list for ShadowIRCd 6.1
-* pretty error messages for +ah stuff
 * update ojoin/omode/etc to use +ah
 * notice/message !#channel and %#channel
 * clean disable/removal of modes on rehash, if possible without being ugly

File modules/core/m_kick.c

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 					is_override = 1;
-					sendto_one(source_p, form_str(ERR_CHANOPRIVSNEEDED),
+					sendto_one(source_p, ":%s 482 %s %s :You do not have the proper privledges to kick this user",
 							me.name, source_p->name, name);
 					return 0;