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Document efnet-style GLINE protocol.

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File doc/technical/ts6-protocol.txt

 Capability list of remote server.
+efnet TS6
+capab: GLN
+source: user
+parameters: user mask, host mask, reason
+propagation: broadcast
+Propagates a G:line vote. Once votes from three different opers (based on
+user@host mask) on three different servers have arrived, trigger the G:line.
+Pending G:lines expire after some time, usually ten minutes. Triggered G:lines
+expire after a configured time which may differ across servers.
+Requests from server connections must be propagated, unless they are found to
+be syntactically invalid (e.g. '!' in user mask). Therefore, disabling glines
+must not affect propagation, and too wide glines, double votes and glines that
+already exist locally must still be propagated.
+Of course, servers are free to reject gline requests from their own operators.
 source: user
 parameters: hunted