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Subject /invite to umodes +g and +R.

The behaviour is the same as /msg except that where
/msg would send RPL_UMODEGMSG to the user, the /invite
is instead let through. This counts as a notification
for caller_id_wait like RPL_UMODEGMSG.

Checks are on the target user's server, which means an
error message will appear after RPL_INVITING.
This must be because the accept list is not globally

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+		if(!IsOper(source_p) && (IsSetCallerId(target_p) ||
+					(IsSetRegOnlyMsg(target_p) && !source_p->user->suser[0])) &&
+				!accept_message(source_p, target_p))
+		{
+			if (IsSetRegOnlyMsg(target_p) && !source_p->user->suser[0])
+			{
+				sendto_one_numeric(source_p, ERR_NONONREG,
+						form_str(ERR_NONONREG),
+						target_p->name);
+				return 0;
+			}
+			else
+			{
+				/* instead of sending RPL_UMODEGMSG,
+				 * just let the invite through
+				 */
+				if((target_p->localClient->last_caller_id_time +
+				    ConfigFileEntry.caller_id_wait) >= rb_current_time())
+				{
+					sendto_one_numeric(source_p, ERR_TARGUMODEG,
+							   form_str(ERR_TARGUMODEG),
+							   target_p->name);
+					return 0;
+				}
+				target_p->localClient->last_caller_id_time = rb_current_time();
+			}
+		}
 		add_reply_target(target_p, source_p);
 		sendto_one(target_p, ":%s!%s@%s INVITE %s :%s", 
 			   source_p->name, source_p->username, source_p->host, 
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