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[svn] NEWS: As in 2.1.3, mention that the TS6 revision will
interoperate with older versions

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+jilles      2007/03/18 16:29:31 UTC	(20070318-3275)
+  Log:
+  Fix documentation of HIDE_SERVERS_IPS define.
+  Changes:	Modified:
+  +2 -2		trunk/include/config.h.dist (File Modified) 
 jilles      2007/03/18 14:44:24 UTC	(20070318-3271)
   Don't leak auth{} spoofed ip for I-line is full notice either.
   avoiding problems when reloading umode modules in a different order.
 - Fix -logfile.
 - Update to the new revision (v8) of the TS6 spec, this fixes problems with
-  joins reversing certain mode changes crossing them.
+  joins reversing certain mode changes crossing them. This interoperates
+  with older versions.
 - Put "End of Channel Quiet List" at the end of +q lists.
 - Fix invisible count getting desynched from reality if the act of opering
   up sets -i or +i.
 Other files recommended for reading: BUGS, README.FIRST, INSTALL
-$Id: NEWS 3265 2007-03-17 23:50:25Z jilles $
+$Id: NEWS 3281 2007-03-25 17:59:50Z jilles $

File include/serno.h

-#define SERNO "20070318-3271"
+#define SERNO "20070318-3275"