B.Greenham  committed fdb70b3

Make m_okick support the new +J format.

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 - Add cmode +N which disallows users from changing their nick while they're on
   a channel with this mode set.
 - Add cmode +K (norepeat) which will block repeated messages, regardless of
-- who they're from.
+  who they're from.
 - Add cmode +G which blocks messages containing 50% or more capital letters
   from being sent to the channel.
 - Add cmode +J which disallows a kicked user from rejoining within 'X' seconds

File extensions/m_okick.c

 	char *p = NULL;
 	char *user;
 	static char buf[BUFSIZE];
-	char *text = rb_strdup("");
 	if(*parv[2] == '\0')
 		      ":%s KICK %s %s :%s",, chptr->chname, who->id, comment);
-	rb_sprintf(text, "K%s", target_p->name);
 	/* we don't need to track NOREJOIN stuff unless it's our client being kicked */
 	if(MyClient(target_p) && chptr->mode.mode & MODE_NOREJOIN)
-		channel_metadata_time_add(chptr, text, rb_current_time());
+		channel_metadata_time_add(chptr, "KICKNOREJOIN", rb_current_time(), target_p->id);
 	return 0;