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Added some stuff to NEWS (primarily about metadata and OACCEPT).

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 - custom operstring - Instead of showing the IRC operator or IRC administrator
   oper strings, you can customize what it shows by privset or 
   for a specific operator.
-- host-on-oper - This will be a option settable in both privset block and
+- host-on-oper - This will be a option settable in both general block and
   operator block that defines what host a operator gets upon oper-up.
 - operoverride - Oper override works very differently in ShadowIRCd compared
   to all other IRCd's which support oper override. In ShadowIRCd, to be able
   see, but other opers can), then when the oper joins that channel with override
   (umode +p) set on themselves, the channel's ops will be unable to kick the oper
   from the channel.
+- OACCEPT/callerid override - In ShadowIRCd 6, opers no longer can simply PM
+  users that have umodes +g or +G set and the oper is not on their accept list.
+  To allow opers to still be able to PM users in this situation, OACCEPT has been
+  added. To use: /oaccept <user> and it will add you to that user's accept list
+  so you can PM them.
 - Changed default NICKLEN to 31 (from 15) to fit more closely with other
 - Rebrand many things from Charybdis to ShadowIRCd.
 - Move the m_force module to extensions.
+- Add a metadata framework. Currently used for swhois, custom operstring and
 -- charybdis-3.2.0