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 -- charybdis-2.2.0
 - The I/O code has been reworked, file descriptor metadata is stored in a
-  hashtable and there are no longer any compiletime defines.
+  hashtable and the maximum number of clients can now be set in ircd.conf.
 - Improve error checking and error messages for kline/dline/xline/resv files.
 - Allow kline ipv6:address, unkline and unkline ipv6:address
   without *@.
   which silently reject).
 - Remove invite_ops_only config option, forcing it to YES.
 - Allow /invite (but not invex) to override +r, +l, +j in addition to +i.
-- Remove the need to compile in the maximum number of clients, it can be
-  set in ircd.conf now.
-- Add several new extensions, including createoperonly, and sno_whois.
-- Use ERR_TARGETLEFTIRC in some places where appropriate, instead of vague
-  error messages.
+- Add several new extensions, such as createoperonly.
+- Merge whois notice extensions into one and move it from snomask +y to +W.
 -- charybdis-2.1.2
 Other files recommended for reading: BUGS, README.FIRST, INSTALL
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