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shadowircd / TODO

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   [x] PASS selector:password for auth{} (useful for dynamic IPs)
 [ ] kline/xline/resv sync (what about spb's extension?)
 [x] drop non-TS6 (legacy protocol) support
-[F] Doxygen code documentation
 [?] Patch or core-feature - libguess on-fly any-charset-to-utf8 translation
 [x] module engine rework
+  [?] MODULE_DEPEND and MODULE_CONFLICT for building extension dependencies (backport from shadowircd)
   [x] more beautiful way of adding new channel modes by module
     [x] basic functionality
     [x] some example modules
 [x] Remove glines entirely
 [/] test suite as in ircu
 [?] win32
- [?] cygwin support
  [?] mingw support
- [?] native win32 (VS2005/VS2008)
+ [R] win32 native support - VS doesn't follow C99, this will require us switching back to C89 with libratbox and (future) core
 [x] Bug fixes
   [x] Compilation without zlib headers fails - fixed
   [x] Compilation date and time in server welcome message is in OS locale - looks ugly 'cause often it's not match user's codepage
 --- other stuff
   [?] internally split out +o/+v "ranks" into a series of permissions. this could allow for configure-defined 
       special access levels, halfops, etc. (would need to match globally, somehow. extra SVINFO param?)
+      might be backported from shadowircd in future (chanroles planned)
   [?] somehow hide channel operators like ircnet can do?
+      couldn't be done via extension currently - compilation-time option acceptable?
   [x] create chmode.h and put there all declarations of chm_* - this will make some modules clean
-[?] Move oper override server WALLOPS to global server notices?
+  [?] Move oper override server WALLOPS to global server notices?