shadowircd / NEWS

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Default avatar William Pitcock
Default avatar William Pitcock
Fix the engrish in NEWS.
Default avatar Valery Yatsko
Remembering some 'what's new' messages
Default avatar jilles
[svn] Tweak NEWS a little.
Default avatar nenolod
[svn] - update NEWS in preparation of upcoming 2.2 release this week
Default avatar nenolod
[svn] - note the I/O reworking
Default avatar jilles
[svn] Update bug report and IRC channel information.
Default avatar jilles
[svn] NEWS: As in 2.1.3, mention that the TS6 revision will
Default avatar jilles
[svn] Update NEWS.
Default avatar nenolod
[svn] - version bump to 2.2.0
Default avatar nenolod
[svn] - the new plan:
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