IRCd Loses Connection on Debain-based OpenVZ virtual machines

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I have noticed that on Debian-based OpenVZ environments the IRCd's connection to peers are reset. I am not sure if this is an issue with XenServer or other virtualization environments, but is has happened on Debian 5 and Ubuntu 10.04 with latest updates. This seems not to be an issue on RHEL-based enviroments (tested on CentOS 5.5 with latest updates).

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  1. weatherkid reporter
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    There is nothing on Google about Charybdis not supported on OpenVZ virtual environments. Therefor I am reopening this ticket, and I will forward it on to the OpenVZ people. I would suggest attempting to fix this factoring it that a whole lot of people use OpenVZ on there servers. Another reason that statement is incorrect is that my CentOS OpenVZ environment has not been effected. Only my Debian ones.


  2. C W

    weatherkid, I run Charybdis (And ShadowIRCd) in OpenVZ containers using the Debian OS. It runs perfectly fine. I also know multiple other people who also use Charybdis/ShadowIRCd in Debian OpenVZ containers. I've NEVER seen the issue you're having. Marking this bug back to invalid, due to it being nonexistent.

  3. uranium repo owner

    weatherkid, I'd just simply suggest getting a better VPS that uses Xen. It's highly doubtful that there is not a Xen provider with similar specs to your VPS for the same cost, or cheaper.

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