bolds filter/possibly other crash bug

Issue #3 open
created an issue

Core was generated by `./ircd'.
Program terminated with signal 8, Arithmetic exception.

0 0x00ccf215 in msg_channel (p_or_n=0, command=0xcd0f90 "PRIVMSG",

client_p=0xb79c3364, source_p=0xb79c3364, chptr=0xb79850f4,
text=0x8227f90 "Ελληνικά") at core/m_message.c:582

582 if(((caps*100)/(len)) >= 50)

with the caps filter set in channel; and a message sent in greek(charset) the ircd will crash, this occurs in my private fork aswell as shadowircd, thought to let you know about this

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