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ratbox-services compatibility documentation - Lee H <lee -at->

Compatibility with ratbox-services is always enabled.  Note that some or
all of this is also used by atheme-services and anope.  It will add the
following features to ircd:

1. Channel mode +r

   A simple mode taking no parameters, will require users are logged in
   with user services before they may join the channel.

   Gives numeric 477 to users who arent logged in:
   :<server> 477 <nick> <channel> :Cannot join channel (+r)

2. service block to ircd.conf

   Ability to specify the names of services servers in ircd.conf:
   service {
       name = "";
       name = "";

   These must be specified for certain features to work.  You may specify as
   many name entries as you wish, however you must define only one service

   Entries will be listed in stats U with the flag 's'.

3. Services protection

   Services will be protected from being deopped or kicked from a channel.

4. Username tracking through netsplits

   When users are logged in, the username they are logged in with will be
   preserved on a netsplit, so users will not have to relogin when the
   network merges together.

5. Username given on WHOIS

   When users are logged in, WHOIS will also give numeric 330:
   :<server> 330 <yournick> <targetnick> <loginname> :is logged in as

   Note this needs to be a remote whois to work when the target is
   on a different server.

6. Forced nick change

   When using nickname services and a client requests they regain a
   nickname, services can perform a forced nick change on the client.
   This forcibly changes the clients nickname to the one they requested
   they regain, ensuring they can always regain their nickname.

# $Id: services.txt 6 2005-09-10 01:02:21Z nenolod $
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