shadowircd / .hgtags

47f12ac9988a5face261827531851051af48968f charybdis-3.0.0-beta1
7aef7b002131a0e536913663dd814c0b28bbfc33 charybdis-3.0.0-rc1
4f8eddb79e2163e9a000b2389cc041305eb0f0c4 charybdis-3.0.0
0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 charybdis-3.0.0
d9d47a5f220c2b9faa7bf6122bbda056ec5e2dc0 charybdis-3.0.0
b57df81a2c4cdba052b0088ceb5cb4c531a7751a charybdis-3.0.1
f54b0af927a7a6ae0b1e49d946919435b3c26c6e charybdis-3.1.0
99d6cacd4454ef71beeae28857ecdeef09869a21 proposed-charybdis-3.2.0
99d6cacd4454ef71beeae28857ecdeef09869a21 proposed-charybdis-3.2.0
0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 proposed-charybdis-3.2.0
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