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This is charybdis 3.0.0, Copyright (c) 2005-2008 Charybdis team.
See LICENSE for licensing details (GPL v2).

-- charybdis-3.0.0

- The IRCd has been ported to libratbox, which has improved our portability.
- Client SSL and Server-to-Server SSL are now available, read the example.conf
  for setup.
- A new extban, $z, has been added for ssl users.
- A new compatibility channel mode, +R, has been added, it sets
  +q/-q $~a. This is similar to the +R seen in ircd-seven.
- A new compatibility channel mode, +S, has been added, it sets
  +b/-b $~z.
- A new compatibility channel mode, +O, has been added, it sets
  +iI/-iI $o.
- The /privs command has been added which shows you your privileges and
  access level.
- Many error messages have been clarified to enhance usability.

-- charybdis-2.2.0

- The I/O code has been reworked, file descriptor metadata is stored in a
  hashtable and the maximum number of clients can now be set in ircd.conf.
- Improve error checking and error messages for kline/dline/xline/resv files.
- Allow kline ipv6:address, unkline some.host and unkline ipv6:address
  without *@.
- Add accountability (wallops, log) to OKICK extension.
- Add opernick to OPME/OMODE/OJOIN log messages.
- Add use_forward option, allows disabling cmode +fFQ and umode +Q.
- Add keyword substitution to DNSBL reasons, making it possible to show
  things like the user's IP address in the reason.
- Use sendto_one_notice() more.
- Server notices about kills now include the victim's nick!user@host instead
  of just nick.
- Include real hostname in Closing Link message for unknown connections
  that have sent USER, in particular banned users.
- Add some documentation about the SASL client protocol.
- Change spambot, flooder and jupe joiner notices from host to orighost.
- Remove the last remains of server hostmasking (this made it possible to
  have multiple servers with similar names appear as a single server).
- Keep bitmasks of modularized umodes reserved forever to the letter,
  avoiding problems when reloading umode modules in a different order.
- Fix -logfile.
- Update to the new revision (v8) of the TS6 spec, this fixes problems with
  joins reversing certain mode changes crossing them. This interoperates
  with older versions.
- Put "End of Channel Quiet List" at the end of +q lists.
- Fix invisible count getting desynched from reality if the act of opering
  up sets -i or +i.
- Don't leak auth{} spoofed IP addresses in +f notices.
- Shorten quit/part/kick reasons to avoid quit reasons overflowing the
  client exiting server notice (from TOPICLEN to 260).
- Fix some cases where 10 char usernames lose their final character.
- Move username check after xline and dnsbl checks, so it will not complain
  to opers about clients who are xlined or blacklisted anyway (both of
  which silently reject).
- Remove invite_ops_only config option, forcing it to YES.
- Allow /invite (but not invex) to override +r, +l, +j in addition to +i.
- Add several new extensions, such as createoperonly.
- Merge whois notice extensions into one and move it from snomask +y to +W.

-- charybdis-2.1.2

- Fix bug that could cause all hostmangled users to be exempted when a
  single ban exception existed on a channel.
- Tweak \s code a little.
- Add a minor clarification to the SGML docs.
- Avoid truncation in ip_cloaking (by removing components on the other side).
  Note that this may cause channel +bqeI modes set on such very long hosts
  to no longer match.

-- charybdis-2.1.1

- Search the shortest list (user's/channel's) when looking up channel
- Make the SID-collision notice look right under all conditions.
- Move kills from services from +s to +k snomask.
- When no_tilde is present on an auth{} block, check the non-tilde version
  of the user@host against k:lines as well.
- Put full reason in the SQUIT reason when a server is rejected for
  insufficient parameters being passed to a command.
- Don't redirect users to an existing domain, irc.fi.
- Improve communication of servlink-related error messages.

-- charybdis-2.1.0

- Our official website is now http://www.ircd-charybdis.org/.
- Make RPL_ISUPPORT (005 numeric) modularizable.
- Also do forwarding if the channel limit (+l) is exceeded.
- Don't count opers on service{} servers in /lusers.
- Allow servers to send to @#chan and +#chan.
- Allow +S clients (services) to send to channels and @/+ channels always.
- Allow normal match() on IP address also in /masktrace.
- Add new testmask from ratbox 2.2. Allows matches on nick, ip and gecos
  in addition to user and host, and is fully analogous to masktrace.
  The numeric has changed from 724 to 727 and fields in it have changed.
- Show IP addresses to opers in /whowas.
- Add extb_extgecos extban option ($x:nick!user@host#gecos), from sorcery
- Add extb_canjoin extban option ($j:#channel), matches if the user is banned
  from the other channel.
- Allow opers to /who based on realhost.
- Allow opers to /masktrace, /testmask based on realhost.
- Add general::operspy_dont_care_user_info, limits operspy accountability to
  channel-related information.
- Make host mangling more reliable.
- Prevent ban evasion by enabling/disabling host mangling.
- Add EUID, sends real host and services account in the same command as other
  user information.
- Make it possible to send CHGHOST without ENCAP (fixes problems with old
- Allow service{} servers to manipulate the nick delay table (for "nickserv
  enforcement", aka SVSHOLD).
- Send server notices about connections initiated by remote opers network wide.
- Fix too early truncation of JOIN channel list.
- Make the newconf system available to modules.
- Add /stats s to the hurt module to list active hurts.
- Add general::servicestring, shown in /whois for opered services (+oS).
- Show real host/IP behind dynamic spoof in /whois to the user themselves
  and opers.
- Document option to disable nick delay.
- Improve logging of server connections.
- Clean up handling of hostnames in connect blocks.
- Remove support for resolving ip6.int, people should be using ip6.arpa.
- Unbreak --disable-balloc (useful for debugging with tools like valgrind).
- Make Solaris 10 I/O ports code compile.
- Add WEBIRC module to allow showing the real host/IP of CGI:IRC users.
- Comment out blacklist{} block in example confs, as AHBL requires
  notification before use.
- Fix some bugs relating to the resolver.

-- charybdis-2.0.0

- Replace ADNS with a new smaller resolver from ircu and hybrid.
- Make services shortcuts (/chanserv etc) configurable in ircd.conf.
- Add extban: extensible +bqeI matching via modules. Syntax is
  $<type>[:<data>]. By default no modules are loaded.
- Add DNS blacklist checking.
- Change operator{} block user@host from host to orighost. This means that
  services/+h spoofs do not work in operator{} blocks; auth{} spoofs still
  work. Check your operator{} blocks!
- Split contrib/ into extensions/ and unsupported/.
- Change CHGHOST do show the change to all other clients on common channels
  with quit/join/mode.
- Add /rehash nickdelay to clear out the nickdelay tables.
- Glines are now disabled in the example confs.
- Show more error messages on stderr.
- Add OMODE command to extensions/ for easier oper mode hacking.
- Add HURT system to extensions/; this shuns clients matching certain host/ip
  unless and until they identify to services. Mainly intended for SorceryNet.
- Show SASL success and failure counts in /stats t.
- Allow more frequent autoconnects to servers.
- Messaging services by nickname no longer uses target change slots.
- Only accept SASL from servers in a service{} block.
- New auth{} flag need_sasl to reject users who haven't done SASL
- Expand blah.blah and blah:blah to *!*@... instead of ...!*@* for bans
- Don't allow opers to fake locops/operwall to +w.
- Documentation updates.
- Many bugfixes.

-- charybdis-1.1.0

- Implement SAFELIST.
- Incorporate ircu's match() algorithm.
- Improve usermode modularization.
- Seperate server notices into a seperate snomask, freeing up many
  usermodes to be used.
- Add support for SIGNON originating from Hyperion2.
- Modularize many server notices into seperate modules.
- Add hooks for can_join and can_create_channel.
- Add support for SASL authentication.
- Add introduce_user hook for adding new messages when a user is bursted.
- Move a large part of the ircd into libcharybdis.
- Don't complain "unknown user mode" if a user tries to unset
  a mode they do not have access to.
- Update our challenge specification to the challenge implementation in
  ratbox 2.2 for interoperability.
- Make +f notices network-wide (local host, global host,
  global user@host, local class), other notices tied to +f remain local.
- Allow ENCAP REALHOST outside of netburst.
- Add general::global_snotices option to make server notices be
  network-wide or not.
- Add sno_farconnect.c to contrib, provides farconnect support.
  Could be useful for BOPM.
- Add sno_routing.c which displays information about netsplits, netjoins
  and the clients affected by them.
- Add CHANTRACE and TRACEMASK commands from ratbox 3.0
- Use IsOperAdmin() instead of IsAdmin() when sending admin-only messages,
  that way hidden admins get them too.
- Add m_error to core_module_table, somehow it was missing.
- Correct a format string bug that occurs when a read error is
- Add some logging in places where we drop servers and only notify
  server operators.
- Track hostmask limits based on a client's original host, if
- Move HIDE_SPOOF_IPS into the general {} block in ircd.conf

-- charybdis-1.0.3

- Fix /invite UID leak. (Found by logiclrd@EFnet.)
- Incorporate ratbox bugfixes for the MONITOR system.
- Made show_ip() less braindead.
- Show real errno if we fail to connect to a server.
- Don't disclose server IP's when a connection fails.
- Do not show the channels a service is sitting in.
- Reverted the aline code from hybrid-7.2
- Make sure TS6 services are recognized properly if connected remotely.
- Tweak something in services support for cyrix boxes.

-- charybdis-1.0.2

- Fix propagation of an empty SJOIN (permanant channels).
- Fix an exploit involving a malformed /trace request.
- Don't display a blank RPL_WHOISCHANNELS in a remote whois request.
- Allow modules to provide new usermodes.
- On a nickname collision, change the collided nick to their unique ID,
  if general::collision_fnc is enabled in the config.
- Don't allow UID lookups in /monitor + and /monitor s
- Fix a garbage issue with channel mode +j.
- Apply proper capability flags to the proper server in me_gcap().
- Use find_named_person() instead of find_person() in a nick collision.
- Prevent UID disclosure in cmode setting.
- Prevent UID disclosure to remote clients in /kick.
- Do not allow users to query via /whois <server> <UID>.
- Don't allow local users to use UID's in local usermode changes.
- Propagate +q lists on netjunction.
- Clear +q lists on a lowerTS SJOIN.
- Ported a generic k/d/x-line parser from hybrid-7.2 which resulted in
  duplicate code reduction.
- Fix linebuf raw code to not truncate lines longer than 512 bytes;
  improves ziplink reliability on net junction.
- Use find_named_person() vs find_person() in services alias code.
- Fix issue where channel forwarding token can be lost on net junction.
- Fix empty channel desync issues involving +P.
- Remove unused non-ENCAP CHGHOST support.
- Use TS6 form for SQUIT wallops.
- Propagate nickname changes for remote clients in TS6 form if possible,
  even if sent in TS5 format.
- Only clear oper_only_umodes for local clients on deoper.

-- charybdis-1.0.1

- Display logged in status on non-local clients too.
- Documentation updates
- Fix a bug with forward target authorization.
- Fix a bug with mode propagation (+Q/+F).
- Change ERR_NOSUCHNICK to ERR_SERVICESOFFLINE in services aliases.
- Add remote rehashing.
- Document service { } blocks (u:lines on ircu).
- Document identify_service and identify_command in reference.conf.

-- charybdis-1.0
- Implement channel mode +L for channel list limit exemptions.
- Implement channel mode +P primarily as a status mode, permanant 
  channel -- this is usually enforced via services registrations.
- Change behaviour of /stats p: now displays all staff members instead
  of local ones only.
- Make oper_list global, add local_oper_list for local traffic.
- Strip control codes from parts and quits.
- Add channel mode +c which strips control codes from messages sent to
  the channel.
- Add channel mode +g which enables free use of the /invite command.
- Add channel mode +z which sends rejected messages to channel ops.
  Could be useful for Q&A sessions or other similar events.
- Add channel quietmasks. These are recommended over the use of channel
  bans used to remove a user's ability to participate in the channel.
- Add channel join throttling mode, +j. Used to throttle channel join
  traffic, i.e. join/part flood attacks. Syntax: +j <joins>:<timeslice>
- Improvements to channel_modes(), from shadowircd -- allows for
  better construction of the mode string.
- Use the undernet throttle notice instead of bancache message when
  dealing with rejected clients. (stolen from ircu2.10.12)
- Add channel forwarding, via channel mode +f, behaves similarly to
  dancer-ircd version.
- Update example.conf to reflect AthemeNET changes. Original ratbox
  config is now reference.conf.
- Services account names are now tracked globally.
- Add channel mode +Q which disables the effects of channel forwarding
  on a temporary basis.
- Add channel mode +F which allows anybody to disable forwarding target
  authorisation, voluntarily on their channels.
- Make wallops behave like normal wallops.
- Add services aliases: /ns, /cs, /os, /nickserv, /chanserv, /operserv.
- Add simple hack that enables use of server password for automatic

-- ircd-ratbox-2.1.5+datadrain
- fix a buffer overflow and an unterminated buffer when TS6 forces us
  to remove bans
- fix potential junk SJOIN generation when splitting it into multiple
- make servlink check for an uncompressed ERROR
- change NICKLEN to 15.
- change TOPICLEN to 390.
- force services extensions to be enabled always
- change patchlevel.h to get it's information from 'configure'
- add m_chghost.c, ghetto rigged hostcloaking module, using elite ENCAP

-- ircd-ratbox-2.1.4
- fix minor time bug which occurs on december 31st
- dont drop a servers link when we get a malformed WHOIS
- disallow commas in channel keys
- fix compile problem with abort_list
- fix build on darwin
- fix compilation with gcc4
- userhost was only allowing 4 targets instead of 5
- invalidate channel ban cache on nickchange
- add TARGMAX to 005, detailing maximum targets for messages
- fix counting of clients on accept list when adding users
- use ID instead of name when bursting SJOIN to TS6 servers
- lower id in struct User, which was one byte bigger than it needs to be

-- ircd-ratbox-2.1.3
- removed sendq_eob as it just doesnt work on efnet
- dont allow MONITOR from an unregistered client
- add some uniqueness into the auth process for bopm
- fix resvs to check whether target server is us properly
- fix a core in cidr channel ban matching
- raise max temptime to a year
- fix cores when we receive extra params to NICK/UID
- remove no_oper_resvs, add resv_exempt auth flag
- fix flattened links
- clean up the accept code, and dont clear a users own list of accepted
  clients on nickchange
- non-efnet:
  - make services {}; blocks be displayed on stats U
  - make services {}; blocks apply on rehash, you must now have only ONE
    service {}; block, but you may have multiple name=""; entries within.
  - only show services logged in info for local clients

-- ircd-ratbox-2.1.2
- fix missing end comment tag in example confs
- fix display problem with unauthorised conn notice
- remove some unused defines from INFO
- fix tabs for spaces in some helpfiles
- add in missing links_delay conf option
- fix cores under amd64
- disallow bans beginning with ':' over BMASK
- disallow bans with a space in chm_ban()
- stop counting hidden opers in stats p count output
- match() params of remote unresv were inverted, causing it to never match
- fix possibility of clients setting blank keys
- fix UID problems with trace
- raise default topiclen to 160
- add in forced nick change for ratbox-services, when compiled with

-- ircd-ratbox-2.1.1
- remove an 005 token to hack around the parser bug
- exempt users messaging themselves from target change
- disallow messaging towards UIDs
- add in doc/tgchange.txt
- move stats L back to RPL_STATSLINKINFO
- fix some minor auth problems
- properly store ipv6 ips when we're compiled for v4 only
- fix propagation of xline/resv
- sync remote kline reasons with form used for local klines

-- ircd-ratbox-2.1.0
- no changes

-- ircd-ratbox-2.1.0beta2
- fix a few compile warnings
- added multi-prefix clicap, for showing "@+" in NAMES/WHO replies
- remove split_delay, make split servers now work on how many servers have
  issued EOB, rather than how many exist.
- server-side notify lists.  See doc/monitor.txt
- fix undline core
- remove an unwanted space from beginning of second 005
- fix a potential core with the patricia when removing classes
- when we're handling global NAMES, dont output channels whose users are all

-- ircd-ratbox-2.1.0beta1
- No release notes, see doc/whats-new-2.1.txt


BUGS: Major bugs in this release are listed in BUGS

BUG REPORTS: If you run this code and encounter problems, you must report
via IRC to irc.atheme.org, #charybdis. For specific bugs you can use
http://bugs-meta.atheme.org/ (Charybdis project).

Please include a gdb backtrace and keep the core file, binaries and 
modules in case the developers need them.

Other files recommended for reading: BUGS, README.FIRST, INSTALL

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