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$Id: README 1622 2006-06-04 03:01:05Z beu $

This directory contains extensions (modules) to charybdis ircd that
have been contributed by other people, or written by our development
team.  Unsupported extensions live under unsupported/.


createauthonly.c - Only allow authenticated (identified) users to create

ip_cloaking.c  - Cloak (spoof) the host for users that have umode +h.

m_42.c         - The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything.
                 Syntax: 42

m_adminwall.c  - Sends a message to all admins network-wide (umode +a)
                 Syntax: ADMINWALL :<message>

m_findforwards.c - Find channels that forward (+f) to a given channel.
                   Syntax: FINDFORWARDS <channel>

m_identify.c - Identifies to NickServ or ChanServ
               Syntax: IDENTIFY [nick|channel] <password>

m_mkpasswd.c   - MKPASSWD - generate a DES or MD5 encryption of a password
                 Syntax:  MKPASSWD <plaintext> [MD5|DES]

m_ojoin.c      - OJOIN - Join a channel through any modes or limits with 
                         an optional status (@+)
                 Syntax: OJOIN [status]<channel>

m_olist.c      - OLIST - Lists channels like LIST, but shows hidden
                         channels. Oper only of course.

m_opme.c       - OPME - Allows an admin to op themselves in an opless channel
                 Syntax: OPME <channel>

m_omode.c      - OMODE - Allows an admin to do all sorts of evil upon a
			 channel, sets modes with extreme prejudice

no_oper_invis.c - Disallow opers setting marking themselves as invisible
                  (+i) unless they have the hidden_oper flag.

example_module.c - An example module to be used for creating your own.
                   Syntax: TEST

Spy Modules

The following are the 'spy' parts, accessible via the +y snomask

spy_admin_notice.c   - Spy on clients doing ADMIN
spy_info_notice.c    - Spy on clients doing INFO
spy_links_notice.c   - Spy on clients doing LINKS
spy_motd_notice.c    - Spy on clients doing MOTD
spy_stats_notice.c   - Spy on clients doing all STATS
spy_stats_p_notice.c - Spy on clients doing STATS p only
spy_trace_notice.c   - Spy on clients doing TRACE

Note: if you have both spy_stats_notice.c and spy_stats_p_notice.c loaded
you will get two messages.

Snomask Modules

sno_farconnect.c  - Remote client connect/exit notices (snomask +F)
sno_globalkline.c - Global K/D/X-line activation notices
sno_globaloper.c  - Global oper-up notices
sno_whois.c       - Spy on clients who WHOIS you seeing idle time (snomask +W).

Extban Modules

extb_account.so  - Account bans (+b $a[:mask])
extb_canjoin.so  - Banned from another channel (+b $j:mask)
extb_channel.so  - Other-channel bans (+b $c:mask)
extb_extgecos.so - Extended ban (+b $x:mask)
extb_oper.so     - Oper bans (+b $o)
extb_realname.so - Realname (gecos) bans (+b $r:mask)
extb_server.so   - Server bans (+b $s:mask)