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mkpasswd.c documentation
$Id: README.mkpasswd 6 2005-09-10 01:02:21Z nenolod $

This is documentation for the updated mkpasswd.c included with a number
of ircd, irc services, and non-IRC related programs

This version of mkpasswd can create DES, Extended DES, BlowFish, and MD5
passwords, with either randomly generated or user provided salts.  

-m Generate an MD5 password
-d Generate a DES password
-b Generate a BlowFish password
-e Generate an Extended (BSDi) DES password
-l Specify a length for a random MD5 or BlowFish salt
-r Specify a number of rounds for a BlowFish or Extended DES password
   BlowFish: no more than 6 recommended, no less than 4 accepted
   Extended DES: default of 25
-s Specify a salt, 2 alphanumeric characters for DES, up to 16 for MD5,
   up to 22 for BlowFish, 2 for Extended DES
-p Specify a plaintext password to use
-? Get brief help
-h Get extended help

Without the presence of any parameters, it'll behave like the old mkpasswd,
creating a DES password with a randomly generated salt and prompting for
the password (without echo).

A DES salt is a pair of alphanumeric characters ('.' and '/' are permitted
as well), such as 'a4' or 'Td'.

An MD5 salt consists of up to 16 (though most implementations limit you to
8) alphanumeric characters (plus '.' and '/'),
such as 'tGd' or 'J6d4dfG'.

A BlowFish salt consists of up to 22 alphanumeric characters (plus '.' and
'/').  BlowFish also specifies a number of rounds*, by default 4.

Known bugs:
The encryption algorithms supported depend on your system's crypt()
The maximum length of an MD5 salt is limited to your systems crypt()
  implementation, typically 8.

Supported Platforms (Known and tested):
Linux glibc (DES and MD5)
FreeBSD 3.x (DES (MD5 maybe))
FreeBSD 4.x (DES, MD5, BlowFish, Extended DES)
Solaris 2.5-2.6 (DES only)
Cygwin 1.1.4 (DES only)
Prior Cygwin with the MD5 libcrypt (MD5 only)
OpenBSD 2.7 (don't link with -lcrypt) (DES, MD5, Blowfish)
Mac OS-X (Darwin) (don't link with -lcrypt) (DES only)

An MMK build script is included, as well as an MD5 crypt() implementation

Other systems probably work, but they haven't been amply tested.

* BlowFish's rounds parameter is a logarithm, not an integer value