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$Id: README 1622 2006-06-04 03:01:05Z beu $

This directory contains extensions (modules) to charybdis ircd that
have been contributed by other people, or written by our development
team.  Unsupported extensions live under unsupported/.


createauthonly.c - Only allow authenticated (identified) users to create

ip_cloaking.c  - Cloak (spoof) the host for users that have umode +x.

m_42.c         - The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything.
                 Syntax: 42

m_adminwall.c  - Sends a message to all admins network-wide (umode +a)
                 Syntax: ADMINWALL :<message>

m_findforwards.c - Find channels that forward (+f) to a given channel.
                   Syntax: FINDFORWARDS <channel>

m_identify.c - Identifies to NickServ or ChanServ
               Syntax: IDENTIFY [nick|channel] <password>

m_mkpasswd.c   - MKPASSWD - generate a DES or MD5 encryption of a password
                 Syntax:  MKPASSWD <plaintext> [MD5|DES]

m_oaccept.c    - OACCEPT - Add metadata to a user that will allow you to
                           message them even if they are +gGR.
                 Syntax: OACCEPT <nick>

m_ojoin.c      - OJOIN - Join a channel through any modes or limits with 
                         an optional status (@+)
                 Syntax: OJOIN [status]<channel>

m_olist.c      - OLIST - Lists channels like LIST, but shows hidden
                         channels. Oper only of course.

m_opme.c       - OPME - Allows an admin to op themselves in an opless channel
                 Syntax: OPME <channel>

m_omode.c      - OMODE - Allows an admin to do all sorts of evil upon a
			 channel, sets modes with extreme prejudice

no_oper_invis.c - Disallow opers setting marking themselves as invisible
                  (+i) unless they have the hidden_oper flag.

m_force.c        - Allows opers to FORCEJOIN users to any channel they
                   so desire, regardless of bans or restricting modes
                   that may be keeping them out. Similar to the SAJOIN
                   command in other ircds.
                   Syntax: FORCEJOIN <user> <channel>

example_module.c - An example module to be used for creating your own.
                   Syntax: TEST

Spy Modules

The following are the 'spy' parts, accessible via the +y snomask

spy_admin_notice.c   - Spy on clients doing ADMIN
spy_info_notice.c    - Spy on clients doing INFO
spy_links_notice.c   - Spy on clients doing LINKS
spy_motd_notice.c    - Spy on clients doing MOTD
spy_stats_notice.c   - Spy on clients doing all STATS
spy_stats_p_notice.c - Spy on clients doing STATS p only
spy_trace_notice.c   - Spy on clients doing TRACE

Note: if you have both spy_stats_notice.c and spy_stats_p_notice.c loaded
you will get two messages.

Snomask Modules

sno_farconnect.c  - Remote client connect/exit notices (snomask +F)
sno_globalkline.c - Global K/D/X-line activation notices
sno_globaloper.c  - Global oper-up notices
sno_whois.c       - Spy on clients who WHOIS you seeing idle time (snomask +W).

Extban Modules

extb_account.so  - Account bans (+b $a[:mask])
extb_canjoin.so  - Banned from another channel (+b $j:mask)
extb_channel.so  - Other-channel bans (+b $c:mask)
extb_extgecos.so - Extended ban (+b $x:mask)
extb_oper.so     - Oper bans (+b $o)
extb_realname.so - Realname (gecos) bans (+b $r:mask)
extb_server.so   - Server bans (+b $s:mask)