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Extended bans
Jilles Tjoelker <jilles -at- stack.nl>

Extended bans (ban conditionals) allow different checks than the usual
nick!user@host or nick!user@ip match to determine whether someone should
be banned, quieted, exempted or invited.

Extended bans are of the form $[~]<type>[:<data>]. The <type> is one
character (case insensitive) and determines the type of match. Most types
allow or require an extra field <data>. If the tilde (~) is present, the
result of the comparison will be negated, unless the ban is invalid in which
case it will never match. Invalid bans are ones where <data> is missing but
required or where <data> is otherwise invalid as noted below.

Unless noted below, all types can be used with +b, +q, +e and +I.

If any extended ban types are loaded, they are listed in 005 (RPL_ISUPPORT)
as EXTBAN=$:<types>.

Local users cannot add extended bans of an unknown type or invalid bans. If a
remote user adds an extended ban of an unknown type, the mode change is
processed normally. Furthermore, extended bans of an unknown type can always be
listed or removed.

The ability to send to a channel is cached; this cache may not be updated
if a condition for an extended ban changes. To work around this, part and
rejoin the channel, or add or remove a +b, +q or +e entry.

The extban types that come with charybdis are:

matches all logged in users
matches users logged in with a username matching the mask (* and ? wildcards)

matches users who are on the given channel; this is only valid if the channel
exists and is not +s or +p. (The ops of the channel the ban is on cannot
necessarily see whether the user is in the target channel, so it should not
influence whether they can join either.)

matches opers (most useful with +I)

matches users with a realname (gecos) matching the mask (* and ? wildcards);
this can only be used with +b and +q

matches users connected to a server matching the mask (* and ? wildcards);
this can only be used with +b and +q


+b $~a is similar to +r but also prevents not logged in users talking or
changing their nick while on channel.

+iI $o is the same as +O in dreamforge-derived ircds.

Creating extban types:

extban_table, indexed by the extban character, contains function pointers
of the following type:
typedef int (*ExtbanFunc)(const char *data, struct Client *client_p,
		struct Channel *chptr, long mode_type);

The arguments are as follows:
data: the text after the colon, NULL if there was no colon
client_p: the client to check; this is always a local client, which may be
on or off channel
chptr: the channel

The return value:
EXTBAN_INVALID: the mask is invalid, it never matches even if negated and
cannot be added; if this is returned for one client_p it must be returned
for all
EXTBAN_NOMATCH: the client_p does not match the mask
EXTBAN_MATCH: the client_p matches the mask

The function is called whenever a (local) client needs to be checked against
a +bqeI entry of the given extban type, and whenever a local client tries to
add such an entry. (Clients are allowed to add bans matching themselves.)

$Id: extban.txt 1639 2006-06-04 23:26:47Z jilles $