shadowircd / tools / README

$Id: README 6 2005-09-10 01:02:21Z nenolod $

A directory of support programs for ircd.

convertconf.c   - converts a Hybrid 5 or 6 conf file to the new
                  style.  will not convert I:
convertilines.c - convert hybrid 5/6 I: to auth {};
convertklines.c - convert Hybrid 5/6 and early 7beta kline.conf files
                  to the new spreadsheet like format.
encspeed.c      - test the speed of various encryption algorithms used in
mkkeypair       - a small program used for generating a public and private
                  key pair
mkpasswd.c      - makes password for O lines
rsa_respond/    - a tool to generate an RSA response to the challenge asked
                  by the server, and a tool to generate a keypair for the
                  C/R system
untabify        - converts tab characters to a specific number of spaces
viconf.c        - edit your conf file without having to chdir su etc. etc.
                  also locks the file if file locking is used.
                  viconf is also installed with hard links as vimotd and
                  viklines, to edit those files in a locked mode.
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