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$Id: whats-new-2.0.txt 6 2005-09-10 01:02:21Z nenolod $

The following is a list of major changes between ircd-ratbox-1.x and

Config File
- name="foo"; is no longer supported in connect {}; operator {}; and
  class {};.  You must now use connect "irc.foo.com" { ... }; etc.
- operator {}; no longer contains a class
- kline_with_connection_closed is gone, replaced with 
  kline_reason = "Connection closed";
- logging {}; is gone, replaced with more advanced log system - see
  example.conf log {}; for more info.  Note, by default only very basic
  information will be logged.
- support for a specific opers initial umodes on /oper, by umodes = ...;
  in operator {};
- added stats_e_disabled = yes|no; to general {};, controlling whether stats
  e (which can contain server ips) is never shown to anyone
- support for compressed|encrypted|topicburst|autoconn = yes|no; is gone,
  replaced with flags = compressed, encrypted, topicburst, autoconn;
- support for individual auth flags "kline_exempt = yes"; etc removed, now
  must use flags = ...; method
- support for individual oper flags "kline = yes;" etc removed, now must use
  flags = ...; method.
- extended flags = ...; method to allow negation, so you may prefix a flag
  with '~' to negate it.  Default oper flags are operwall, remoteban and
  encrypted (indicates password is encrypted with mkpasswd)
- new flags in shared {};, tkline, txline and tresv, allowing temp only of
  kline, xline and resv respectively.
- new flags in cluster {}; tkline, txline and tresv which will cluster
  only the temp of each type.  kline, xline and resv will now only
  cluster the permanent ones of each type.
- cluster {}; no longer allows a server to place klines etc locally, it
  simply dictates who we send to.
- shared {}; is now ordered top-down and the first one that matches the
  user@host and server will be used, and the flags taken from this.  This
  means if a remote oper matches a shared block without kline privs, even
  though there is a shared {}; block they match under it with kline privs 
  they will not be able to place klines.
- added invite_ops_only to channel {}; which will restrict the use of INVITE
  to chanops on that channel always, rather than just to +i chans.

- /help is now available for all users, as its now cached in memory.
  removes config option use_help from general {};
- default CHANNELLEN for local clients is now 50
- AWAYLEN added to 005, default is 90
- kick/part/quit now use REASONLEN (120) rather than TOPICLEN
- umode +g now exempts users messaging themselves

- kline/dline <nick> is no longer supported
- oper reasons are now more fully supported
- opers can now be hidden from stats p, by flag "invisible"
- XLINEs no longer contain a type field, theyll now all just silently reject
- xlines are now 'tracked' - stats X shows how many times each xline has
  rejected a client
- temp xlines and resvs
- klines set against spoofed users will now take effect when the user
  connects as well, if the user is not kline_exempt
- trace spy now contains target param if its against a single user
- the old "you need xline=yes;" notices have been replaced by ERR_NOPRIVS
  (numeric 723)
- umode +C, machine parsable client connect/exit notices which includes the
  two unused fields sent in the USER command

- persistent channels have been removed
- quiet_on_ban now uses a cache, which should speed it up

Server <-> Server Protocol
- support for bursting away messages on connect, controlled by
  burst_away = yes|no; in general {};
- TS6, the new server <-> server protocol.  As part of this you *must*
  specify a "sid" in serverinfo {}; that is three alphanumeric characters,
  and must start with a digit.  use_ts6 = yes|no; in general controls
  whether it is actually used or not.  For more information, see:
- fakename in connect {}; is gone, you can no longer mask servers.
- support for encrypted links are gone
- global capabilities.  The server will now inform the rest of the network
  over ENCAP about the capabilities of other servers.

- support for message translation has been removed.  If you want these,
  modify messages.tab and distribute that.
- most of server hiding is gone, only thing that is left is flattened links
- flattened links cache is now stored in memory instead of a file
- nick delay.  any client which splits will have their nick 'locked', until
  a remote client uses this nick, or until it expires after the time nick_delay 
  in general {}.  This prevents the masses of kills from clients 'regaining'
  nicknames on a short split.
- support for disabling bold chars etc in channel names for local users, to
  prevent faking channels.  disable_fake_channels = <yes|no>; in general {};

Code cleanups
- remove mapped ipv4 in ipv6 sockets, the correct native socket will now be
  used for each.
- module API has been rewritten, 1.x modules will no longer work.
- hook API has been rewritten
- proper handlers for ENCAP commands
- support for vms ast i/o
- connect {}; and operator {}; are now in their own structs, saving memory
  in ConfItem
- shared/cluster now use the same struct and flags
- various other code cleanups thatd take all year to list ;)