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shadowircd / doc / index.txt

Here is the overview of the documents in the doc/ directory.

CIDR.txt		- Description of CIDR in IPv4
Tao-of-IRC.940110       - No comment...
challenge.txt           - Overview of the challenge/response system for
                          obtaining operator status
example.conf            - An example ircd.conf file describing most of the
                          user settable options
guidelines.txt		- Documentation guidelines
hooks.txt		- Overview of the hooks available
index.txt		- This file
ircd.8                  - The new revised manpage, read with the following
                          commands in the prefix directory:
                          man -M . ircd
ircd.motd               - A default ircd.motd used by make install
logfiles.txt		- Description of formatting of some logfiles
modeg.txt               - An in depth description of the server side silence
                          user mode (+g)
modes.txt               - A list of all user and channel modes
operguide.txt           - EFnet operator's guide
opermyth.txt            - Oper myth's, describes what opers can and cannot do
server-version-info     - Overview of the flags shown in /version
whats-new.txt		- What new features are available

Also in the contrib/ directory you will find:
example_module.c - An example module, detailing what the code in a module
		   does.  Useful for building your own modules.