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$Id: CREDITS 3133 2007-01-21 15:38:16Z jilles $
ShadowIRCd 6 is a modern restart of the old ShadowIRCd project
based on Charybdis with a few additional features to make it appeal 
more to more users. We try to work as closely as possible with the 
Charybdis team.
The ShadowIRCd team is listed in nick-alphabetical order:
jdhore, JD Horelick <jdhore1 -at->
Taros, Brett Greenham <taros34 -at->
Some ShadowIRCd 6 features such as the oper-override and remote
RESTART, DIE and MOD* commands were borrowed from ircd-seven.
ircd-seven is written by:
spb, Stephen Bennett <spb -at->
Charybdis started as an evolution from ircd-ratbox. Its development
is led by a team of dedicated developers who have put a lot of time
into the project, and it has seen use on a variety of different
network configurations.
The charybdis core team is listed in nick-alphabetical order:
jilles, Jilles Tjoelker <jilles -at->
nenolod, William Pitcock <nenolod -at->
The following people have made contributions to the Charybdis releases,
in nick-alphabetical order:
AndroSyn, Aaron Sethman <androsyn -at->
anfl, Lee Hardy <lee -at->
beu, Elfyn McBratney <elfyn.mcbratney -at->
dwr, Valery Yatsko <dwr -at-> 
Entrope, Michael Poole <mdpoole -at-> 
gxti, Michael Tharp <gxti -at->
spb, Stephen Bennett <spb -at->
ThaPrince, Jon Christopherson <jon -at->
twincest, River Tarnell <river -at->
w00t, Robin Burchell <surreal.w00t -at->
Visit the ShadowIRCd website at:
Visit us on IRC at: #shadowircd