shadowircd / doc / logfiles.txt

ircd-ratbox logfiles - Lee H <lee -at->
$Id: logfiles.txt 6 2005-09-10 01:02:21Z nenolod $

<date> <time> <token> <source> <target> <targets server> <reason>

Where token is one of:
  L = local oper, local target
  G = local oper, remote target
  R = remote oper, remote target
  O = remote oper, local target
  S = server

<date> <time> [U]<token> <source> <time> <info> <reason>[|<oper_reason>]

Time is always in minutes, 0 for permanent

If 'U' is specified before token, it is a removal rather than an addition.
Token is one of:
  K = kline
  D = dline
  X = xline
  R = resv
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