# Flickr API demo application This is a small demo application which is consuming Flickr public API service and performs basic tag based search of images and their rendering. ## Requirements * Create an app to consume a [Public JSON API Feed]( ([documentation]( and display the resulting data according to the wireframes (Wireframes-spec.pdf). * Site should function as a one-page app * Layout should match the provided wireframes * Look and feel is up to you, flat colours for borders and background are all that’s expected * Supports the Google Apps Supported Browsers List * Site should use responsive techniques to ensure it works on a range of devices * Must be built using HTML, CSS and JS (SCSS or Less are encouraged) * We strongly encourage the use of either AngularJS or Backbone for your module/application. * Use any 3rd party libs you like (as long as they have a weak copyleft license) * Search items e.g. a free-text search box where text entered is matched against tags * Build process for generating production-ready code * Tests (unit tests, e2e tests etc.) ## Instructions Install dependencies: $ npm install $ bower install Starting the app: $ npm start Development process: $ grunt watch Build for production: $ grunt build Then change paths within views/layout.jade to match file paths with the production generated files (comment/uncomment lines). Tests: $ npm test ## Technologies * Node - server side * Bower - frontend dependency management * Require - depenency management * Backbone.js - MVC like style * Grunt - build * Flickr Public API * Compass - preprocessor * Karma - testing ## Author [Uros Lates](