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describe-object takes mandatory port now, since describe's port is optional

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File describe-coops-mod.scm

 (define-generic (describe-object obj))
-(define-method (describe-object (obj #t) #!optional (out (current-output-port)))
+(define-method (describe-object (obj #t) out)
   (let ((class (class-of obj)))
      ((eq? class #t)
       (fprintf out "coops instance of non-standard class~%")
       (describe:describe obj out)))))
-(define-method (describe-object (prim <primitive-object>) #!optional (out (current-output-port)))
+(define-method (describe-object (prim <primitive-object>) out)
   (fprintf out "coops instance of primitive class ~A~%"
            (class-name (class-of prim)))
   (describe:describe prim out))
-(define-method (describe-object (proc <procedure>) #!optional (out (current-output-port)))
+(define-method (describe-object (proc <procedure>) out)
   (if (generic-procedure? proc)
       (fprintf out "coops instance of <generic-procedure>~%")
       (fprintf out "coops instance of primitive class <procedure>~%"))
   (describe:describe proc out))
-(define-method (describe-object (class <standard-class>) #!optional (out (current-output-port)))
+(define-method (describe-object (class <standard-class>) out)
   (fprintf out "coops standard-class ~A~%" (class-name class))
   (fprintf out "  class precedence list: ~S~%"
            (map class-name (slot-value class 'class-precedence-list)))