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For primitive objects, also use the describe egg's description of the underlying object

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File describe-coops-mod.scm

 (use coops)
 (use (only srfi-13 string-pad))
 ;;(use (prefix describe describe:))
+;;(define describe:describe describe)
 (define-inline (symbol-length sym) (string-length (symbol->string sym)))
 (define-inline (*class-slots class) (slot-value class 'slots))
             slots) ) ) ) ) )
 (define-method (describe-object (prim <primitive-object>) #!optional (out (current-output-port)))
-  (fprintf out "coops instance of primitive class `~A': ~S~%" (class-name (class-of prim)) prim) )
+  (fprintf out "coops instance of primitive class ~A~%"
+           (class-name (class-of prim)))
+  (describe:describe prim out))
 (define-method (describe-object (proc <procedure>) #!optional (out (current-output-port)))
   (if (generic-procedure? proc)