Jim Ursetto avatar Jim Ursetto committed 7706a10 Draft

depend on coops; bump to 0.1.1

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 ((category misc)
  (author "Jim Ursetto")
  (license "MIT")
- (depends describe)
+ (depends describe coops)
  (synopsis "Describe coops (and regular) objects in detail")
  (test-depends test))


 (repo hg "https://bitbucket.org/ursetto/{egg-name}")
 (uri targz "https://bitbucket.org/ursetto/{egg-name}/get/{egg-release}.tar.gz")
+(release "0.1.1")
 (release "0.1")


  '("describe-coops.so" "describe-coops.import.so")
- '((version "0.1")))
+ '((version "0.1.1")))
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