luabind - CMake port

    This fork of luabind uses CMake as build system instead of Boost-Jam
    and is tested to build against Lua 5.2, gcc 4.6.3 and Boost 1.49.
        I do not claim the work for porting to 
        or prepearing for Lua 5.2, gcc 4.6 and Boost 1.49 as mine,
        (exept a little patch).
        If you want to thank somebody for this work,
        should be the propper place to take a look at.
    The porting from BoostJam to CMake is done because I
    wanted to integrate the boost headers in luabind.
    So if there is no need for luabind unit tests,
    luabind can just be compiled without the need for
    getting and compiling boost.

    ~ CMake ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Debian/Ubuntu:    $ sudo apt-get install cmake
        The installation instructions are available at:


        On Windows, you can download pre-built "CMake" binaries, and follow the
        installation instructions on the page linked above.
    ~ Lua 5.x ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Debian/Ubuntu depending on what you need:    
            $ sudo apt-get install liblua5.0-dev
            $ sudo apt-get install liblua5.1-dev
            $ sudo apt-get install liblua5.2-dev
    ~ Boost !!! Only if you want to build luabind with unit tests !!! ~~~~~~~~~
        Debian/Ubuntu:  $ sudo apt-get install libboost-dev

Installation instructions
    Extract luabind to a folder of your choice ("luabind_src") and then do:
        $ cd .. 
        $ mkdir luabind_build
        $ cd luabind_build
        $ cmake -G"<Your generator here>" ../luabind_src/
    where <Your generator here> is to be substituted by a generator
    that matches your compiler/build environment.
    If you need a list of aviable generators, try
        $ cmake --help
    Examples for different build systems:
        ~ Windows ~
        $ cmake -G"Visual Studio 6" ../luabind_src/
        $ cmake -G"MSYS Makefiles" ../luabind_src/
        ~ *nix ~
        $ cmake -G"Unix Makefiles" ../luabind_src/
    Knobs for CMake (cmake -D<knob>):
        PREFIX	            []
            Install path.
                *nix    /usr/local
                Win32   %PROGRAMFILES%\luabind

            Refere to the CMake help for an explenation.
        WITH_STATIC_LUA     []
            If you want to link the unit tests to a static lua library
            set this to the path to your static liblua.
            This knob only used if BUILD_SHARED_LIBS is OFF
        WITH_DOCS           [ON/OFF]    OFF
            Build the documentation.
            Not used at the moment - see TODO.
        WITH_EXAMPLES       [ON/OFF]    OFF
            Build the examples.
            Not used at the moment - see TODO.        
        WITH_TESTS          [ON/OFF]    OFF
            Build the luabind unit tests.
            A full fledged Boost installation is needed to build.
            USE_LOCAL_BOOST is ignored if this is set to ON.
            To run the tests:
                $ make test
        USE_LOCAL_BOOST     [ON/OFF]    ON
            Build against the boost headers distributed with
            Ignored if WITH_TESTS is set to ON

    CMake can not find Boost!
        Set "BOOST_ROOT" to the path, where your boost is installed.
    CMake can not find Lua!
        Set "LUA_PATH" to the path, where your boost is installed.

    ~ DOCUMENTATION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        At the moment, the documentation is not build with CMake.
        However, you can refere to the original at Rasterbar Software:
    ~ EXAMPLES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Some examples are broken.