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Cleaned up (at least to some extent) version of the code used in the publication “The effect of dynamic range alterations in the estimation of contrast”.

  • Preliminary commit of image calibration

  • Minor cleanup

  • Updated MV and EBMV with removing the reference to transmit and receive apod since this is allready in the object.

  • Save calibrated images

  • Preliminary commit of dynamic range test.

  • Updated to include calibration

  • Updated dynamic range test

  • Removed normalization on max of regression in the plot.

  • Updating simulation to be more similar to experimental data

  • Run full simulation

  • Updated filename

  • Making sure we run full simulation

  • Making simulation with 1.66 dB/mm gradient

  • Trying new simulation

  • Updated phantom, correct this time...

  • Change filename

  • Less scatterers

  • 2 dB/mm gradient

  • More scatteres and stronger single point scatterers.

  • Corrected wrong parameter

  • Remove receive and transmit variables from the GCR postprocess, they are defined in the mother class.

  • Expanding definition of GLT

  • Updated ground truth experimental slightly

  • Working with new updated simulation more similar to the experimental one

  • Running simulation with 1.8 db/mm with few scatterers

  • More scatterers on V5

  • Preliminary commit before stripping code down

  • Only axial gradient simulation

  • Updated variable name

  • Simulation full gradient field of view

  • Commiting all code before cleaning up the code.

  • Adding high pass filter to tools

  • Corrected typo in folder name

  • Removed old version of this file.

  • Removed old file

  • Removing old code

  • Update calibration code

  • Removed old code

  • Updated code to published version

  • The scripts published on the website

  • Cleaning up code

  • Uncommented some code

  • Cleaning up code!

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