This is a library for Bioinformatics, mostly centered on the BAM file format for Next Generation Sequencing data. A number of tools built on top of it can be found in the biohazard-tools repository at


Biohazard uses Cabal, the standard installation mechanism for Haskell.
To install, follow these steps:

  • install GHC (see, version 8.4.4 is recommended) and cabal-install (see, version is recommended),
  • cabal update (takes a while to download the current package list),
  • git clone
  • cabal install biohazard/ (takes even longer).

Sometimes, repeated installations and re-installations can result in a thoroughly unusable state of the Cabal package collection. If you get error messages that just don't make sense anymore, please refer to; among other useful things, it tells you how to wipe a package database without causing more destruction.