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Don't add extra dir-prefix by default, change --no-dir-prefix to --add-dir-prefix with opposite sense; also propagate to run-convert-corpus, with new option --add-dir-prefix

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File python/convert-old-docfile-to-metadata-schema-and-file

 while true; do
   case "$1" in
-    --no-dir-prefix ) dir_prefix=false; shift 1 ;;
+    --add-dir-prefix ) dir_prefix=true; shift 1 ;;
     --output-dir ) output_dir="$2"; shift 2 ;;
     * ) break ;;

File python/run-convert-corpus

 # mmv output-*-docthresh docthresh-*
 # cd $tge
 # rm -rf convert-corpora-*
-# run-convert-corpus --steps all $cotg/docthresh-*
+# run-convert-corpus --steps all --add-dir-prefix $cotg/docthresh-*
 # cd convert-corpora-4
 # for x in docthresh-*; do (echo $x; cd $x; mmv geotext-twitter-* twitter-geotext-*; bzip2 *-unigram-counts.txt); done
 # cd $cotg
 help() {
   cat <<FOO
-Usage: $0 --steps "STEPS ..." DIR ...
+Usage: $0 --steps "STEPS ..." [--output-dir-prefix PREFIX] [--add-dir-prefix] DIR ...
 Convert corpora using various steps (e.g. from old-style to new-style,
 removing unneeded GeoText fields, splitting by training/dev/test split).
 Each step writes its output into a new directory, and the next step uses
 that directory and writes its output into another new directory.
+--output-dir-prefix specifies the prefix used for naming the temporary
+output directories into which intermediate and final results are stored.
+The default is 'convert-corpora'; then, 'convert-corpora-1' contains the
+results from running the first step in --steps, 'convert-corpora-2'
+contains results from the second step, etc.  Final results are in the
+highest-numbered such directory.
+--add-dir-prefix, if given, controls whether the INPUT directory will be
+added to the end of the prefix used in the schema and data files generated
+in the corpora inside of the output dirs.  Normally, the existing prefix
+of the files is used as the new prefix, but with --add-dir-prefix, the
+input directory will also be added.  This is mostly useful for handling
+the different threshold values, where the input corpora files for all
+threshold values have the same names but we want differently-named output
+corpora.  For Wikipedia corpora, don't use it.
   exit 1
 while true; do
   case "$1" in
     --steps ) steps="$2"; shift 2 ;;
     --output-dir-prefix ) output_dir_prefix="$2"; shift 2 ;;
+    --add-dir-prefix ) add_dir_prefix="--add-dir-prefix"; shift ;;
     * ) break ;;
   steps="convert-to-schema-and-document merge-metadata-and-old-counts frob-geotext split-by-training"
+if [ "$steps" = wiki ]; then
+  steps="convert-to-schema-and-document merge-metadata-and-old-counts split-by-training"
 echo "Steps are $steps"
 for dir in ${1+"$@"}; do
 if [ "$step" = convert-to-schema-and-document ]; then
   $TG_PREPROC_DIR/convert-old-docfile-to-metadata-schema-and-file \
-    --output-dir "$output_dir" "$input_dir"
+    $add_dir_prefix --output-dir "$output_dir" "$input_dir"
 elif [ "$step" = merge-metadata-and-old-counts ]; then
   textgrounder run opennlp.textgrounder.preprocess.MergeMetadataAndOldCounts \