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The Bamboo AWS Plugin adds a Task to create or delete a collection of related Amazon Web Services resources via AWS CloudFormation.

Release Notes

Release 1.1.0 adds support for advanced options on stack creation and fixes a major bug with tasks not completing when stack creation is successfully rolled back by CloudFormation; see the changelog below for details.

Goals / Usage

The short term goal is mirroring the functionality available via the AWS management console in a Bamboo Task, i.e. creating/updating/deleting a stack with parameters. Familiarity with CloudFormation operation is assumed accordingly, thus the documentation currently covers noteworthy specifics regarding the plugin only.

Limitations / Roadmap

You should be aware of the following limitations regarding the CloudFormation API coverage and integration:

  • Templates must be provided inline, the well known URL support is on our list.
  • Templates with parameters are not yet supported - obviously fixing this is high on our list.
  • Once this will be available, handling input/output of Bamboo variables should follow suit.
  • Updating a stack has been postponed due to being somewhat bound to the two aforementioned functionalities.
  • Usability is not up to speed yet, there is obviously room for several improvements, e.g. fetching existing AWS resources for selection during configuration to avoid manual copying of information.
  • Stack rollback is currently handled as follows, hopefully covering the majority of use cases (please let us know otherwise):
  • A stack rolled back successfully by CloudFormation is treated as a failed build by Bamboo.
  • A stack not rolled back due to rollback being disabled explicitly is still treated as a failed build by Bamboo.

Further down the road we'd like to integrate other AWS services as well.


Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0, see LICENSE.TXT for details.




  • BAWS-19 - Add disable rollback option.
  • BAWS-20 - Add creation timeout option.
  • BAWS-21 - Add SNS notification option.


  • BAWS-31 - Fix not all completed stack transitions triggering task completion and/or proper task result.
  • BAWS-37 - Fix validation errors not being displayed.



  • BAWS-9 - As a Bamboo user, I need a task to create a CloudFormation stack so that I can provision a collection of related AWS resources.
  • BAWS-10 - As a Bamboo user, I need a task to delete a CloudFormation stack so that I can terminate a collection of related AWS resources.