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The issue tracker is used to create new bug reports, request new features and vote up existing feature requests and bugs. Users can create new issue tickets and vote on existing issues, which helps us prioritize our workload.

Use the guide below to create a new issue.


Start your title with Bug: or Feature Request: as appropriate, then add a short headline to describe the issue.


Add as much information as you can to describe the issue. If it is a bug add steps to reproduce, and any log files (either in the description or include a link). The description field supports formatting, links and images.


Leave blank, a Universal Storage Dev will assign the issue as required.


Select the kind to match your issue.

Bug: Select for a bug or functionality not working. Proposal: Select for a feature request. The other kinds, enhancement and task should only be used by Universal storage devs.


Leave as the default. Universal Storage devs will assign a priority when they review the ticket.


Add any attachments that you think will help us resolve the issue.

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