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File system/codeigniter/CodeIgniter.php

+	if ($method == $class)
+	{
+		$method = 'index';
+	}
 	if ( ! method_exists($CI, $method))

File system/drivers/DB_postgre.php

 	 * Escape Table Name
 	 * This function adds backticks if the table name has a period
-	 * in it. Some DBs will get cranky unless periods are escaped
+	 * in it. Some DBs will get cranky unless periods are escaped.
 	 * @access	public
 	 * @param	string	the table name
 	function escape_table($table)
+		/*
 		if (stristr($table, '.'))
-			$table = preg_replace("/\./", ".", $table);
+			$table = preg_replace("/\./", "`.`", $table);
+		*/
 		return $table;

File system/helpers/date_helper.php

 		if ($minutes > 0)
-			$str .= $minutes.' '.$obj->lang->line((($minutes	> 1) ? 'date_minutes' : 'date_minutes')).', ';
+			$str .= $minutes.' '.$obj->lang->line((($minutes	> 1) ? 'date_minutes' : 'date_minute')).', ';
 		$seconds -= $minutes * 60;

File system/libraries/Validation.php

 				if (in_array('isset', $ex) OR in_array('required', $ex))
-					if ( ! isset($this->messages['isset'])) 
+					if ( ! isset($this->_error_messages['isset'])) 
 						if (FALSE === ($line = $this->obj->lang->line('isset')))

File user_guide/general/changelog.html

 <h2>Version 1.4.0</h2>
-<p>Release Date: August 25, 2006</p>
+<p>Release Date: Septemer 01, 2006</p>
 <li>Added <a href="hooks.html">Hooks</a> feature, enabling you to tap into and modify the inner workings of the framework without hacking the core files.</li>
 <li>Added the ability to supply full URLs using the <dfn>anchor()</dfn> helper function.</li>
 <li>Moved the list of "allowed URI characters" out of the Router class and into the config file.</li>
 <li>Moved the MIME type array out of the Upload class and into its own file in the applications/config/ folder.</li>
+<li>Updated the <a href="../libraries/config.html">Config Library</a> to be able to load config files silently.</li>
 <li>Updated the URI Protocol code to allow more options so that URLs will work more reliably in different environments.</li>
 <li>Updated the <dfn>form_open()</dfn> helper to allow the GET method to be used.</li>
 <li>Updated the MySQLi <dfn>execute()</dfn> function with some code to help prevent lost connection errors.</li>
 <li>Fixed a bug that was causing the Loader class to incorrectly identify the file extension.</li>
 <li>Fixed a typo in the Calendar class (cal_november).</li> 
 <li>Fixed a bug in the <dfn>form_checkbox()</dfn> helper.</li>
+<li>Fixed a bug that was allowing the second segment of the URI to be identical to the class name.</li>
 <li>Fixed an evaluation bug in the database initialization function.</li>
 <li>Fixed a minor bug in one of the error messages in the language class.</li>
+<li>Fixed a bug in the date helper <dfn>timespan</dfn> function.</li>
 <li>Fixed an undefined variable in the DB Driver class.</li>
 <li>Fixed a bug in which dollar signs used as binding replacemnt values in the DB class would be treated as RegEx back-references.</li>
 <li>Fixed a bug in the <dfn>set_hash()</dfn> function which was preventing MD5 from being used.</li>
 <li>Fixed a couple bugs in the Unit Testing class.</li>
+<li>Fixed an incorrectlyl named variable in the Validation class.</li>
 <li>Fixed some MS SQL bugs.</li>
 <li>Fixed some doc typos.</li>

File user_guide/libraries/config.html

 <p>Where <var>filename</var> is the name of your config file, without the .php file extension.</p>
+<p>If you need to load multiple config files normally they will be merged into one master config array.  Name collisions can occur, however, if
+you have identically named array indexes in different config files.  To avoid collisions you can set the second parameter to <kbd>TRUE</kbd>
+and each config file will be stored in an array index corresponding to the name of the config file. Example:
+// Stored in an array with this prototype:  $this->config['blog_settings'] = $config<br />
+$this->config->load('<var>blog_settings</var>', <kbd>TRUE</kbd>);</code>
+<p>Please see the section entitled <dfn>Fetching Config Items</dfn> below to learn how to retrieve config items set this way.</p>
+<p>The third parameter allows you to suppress errors in the event that a config file does not exist:</p>
+<code>$this->config->load('<var>blog_settings</var>', <dfn>FALSE</dfn>, <kbd>TRUE</kbd>);</code>
 <h2>Fetching Config Items</h2>
-<p>To retrive an item from your config file, use the following function:</p>
+<p>To retrieve an item from your config file, use the following function:</p>
 <code>$this->config->item('<var>item name</var>');</code>
 <p>The function returns FALSE (boolean) if the item you are trying to fetch does not exist.</p>
+<p>If you are using the second parameter of the <kbd>$this->config->load</kbd> function in order to assign your config items to a specific index
+you can retrieve it by specifying the index name in the second parameter of the <kbd>$this->config->item()</kbd> function.  Example:
+// Loads a config file named blog_settings.php and assigns it to an index named "blog_settings"<br />
+$this->config->load('<var>blog_settings</var>', '<kbd>TRUE</kbd>');<br /><br />
+// Retrieve a config item named site_name contained within the blog_settings array<br />
+$site_name = $this->config->item('<dfn>site_name</dfn>', '<var>blog_settings</var>');<br /><br />
+// An alternate way to specify the same item:<br />
+$blog_config = $this->config->item('<var>blog_settings</var>');<br />
+$site_name = $blog_config['site_name'];</code>
 <h2>Setting a Config Item</h2>
 <p>If you would like to dynamically set a config item or change an existing one, you can so so using:</p>