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Release notes

Manipulate JSON documents using "JSON patch" format.


$ pip install json_tools


There are two ways of using json_tools:

  1. As a CLI utilty.
  2. As a Python module.

CLI interface

After you've installed json_tools you can access it via json command in the shell. It provides a pretty simple yet powerful interface to manipulate JSON documents:

  • print [input_file]

    Pretty-print a JSON file with syntax highlighting and keys sorting.

    If input_file is omitted or equals -, reads JSON from STDIN.


    $ echo '{"Hello": ["w", "o", "r", "l", "d", "!"]}' | json print
        "Hello": [
  • diff [file1] [file2]

    Calculate difference between two JSON documents and output it in JSON patch format.

    Either file1 or file2 can be set to -, in order to read JSON from STDIN.


    $ json diff doc1.json doc2.json
            "add": "/lol",
            "value": "wut"
            "remove": "/some/field",
            "prev": {
                "compound": "value"
  • patch [options] input [patch [patch ...]]

    Modify the JSON file input using a series of JSON patches.

    If patch is omitted or equals -, its content is read from STDIN.


    -i, --inplace

    Modify source_file inplace instead of printing it to STDOUT.

Pythonic interface


Planned features

  1. Support more JSON patch options: currently json_tools only supports add, remove and replace.
  2. Make diff output more human readable (not JSONish).
  3. Improve documentation.