mongo-dart / lib / objectory / ObjectoryDirectConnectionImpl.dart

Diff from to


 class ObjectoryDirectConnectionImpl extends ObjectorySingleton{
   Db db;
-  Future<bool> open(String database, [String url]){
+  Future<bool> open([String database, String url]){
     db = new Db(database);
-  void save(PersistentObject persistentObject){
-    db.collection(persistentObject.type).save(persistentObject);
+  void save(RootPersistentObject persistentObject){
+    db.collection(persistentObject.type).save(; = persistentObject["_id"];
-  void remove(PersistentObject persistentObject){
+  void remove(RootPersistentObject persistentObject){
     if ( === null){
-        PersistentObject obj = objectory.map2Object(className,map);
+        RootPersistentObject obj = objectory.map2Object(className,map);
       }).then((_) => completer.complete(result));
     return completer.future;  
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