Illegal instruction: 4 , when wrapping Db in an isolate.

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Adam S
created an issue

I noticed a bug with "new Db('blah');" when wrapped in an isolate. I think this actually maybe a bug with the Dart VM. Either way do you want to do a little digging around? If not I will file a bug on on behalf of this issue. Here is the code:

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  1. Vadim Tsushko repo owner

    Hi, Adam. I narrowed it down somewhat. It definitely looks as bug in Dart VM for me. On my Windows 7 32bit machine code below hangs up dart script process.

    class TestClass{
      String strField;
    Future<String> someFunction(msg) {
      print('someFunction called with param $msg');  
      Completer completer = new Completer();
      // Next line caused dart vm hangup.
      TestClass test = new TestClass('asdfadsf');  
      completer.complete("some dummy data");  
      return completer.future;
    new_isolate() {
      port.receive((msg, reply) { 
        Future f = someFunction(msg); 
    main() {
      spawnFunction(new_isolate).call("testMessage").then((s)=>print("result = $s"));
  2. Adam S reporter

    Very interesting, I wasn't sure why that would of caused that, so I didn't even try breaking it out, Great job! Did you file it on dartbug?

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