Can't run on the latest dart sdk

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freewind lee
created an issue

I just downloaded it, found there are some errors in the code now.

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  1. Vadim Tsushko repo owner
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    Sorry for that. One possible reason for error is I slip in last build dependency from dart-sdk path. It corrected now (I've just commited build with unittest returned to third_party directory). Another possibility - tests are assuming mongod running in default configuration (127:0:0:1 27017) If errors do not dissappear in this build - would you please insert stacktrace of error?

  2. freewind lee reporter

    I just pulled, and I found you have fixed those errors, but there are still something wrong there.

    My env: windows7 x64 with latest dart editor(which contains sdk).


    cannot assign value to final variable "address".


    no such type "PersistentObject"


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