mongo-dart / lib / objectory / PersistentObject.dart

// noSuchMethod() borrowed from Chris Buckett (
interface PersistentObject{
  noSuchMethod(String function_name, List args);
  void setProperty(String property, value);
  void init();
  String get type();
  void clearDirtyStatus();
abstract class PersistentObjectBase extends MapProxy implements PersistentObject{  
  bool setupMode;
  Set<String> dirtyFields;
    if (isRoot()){
      map["_id"] = null;
    dirtyFields = new Set<String>();
  void setDirty(String fieldName){
    if (dirtyFields === null){
void clearDirtyStatus(){
  onValueChanging(String fieldName, newValue){
    return !dirtyFields.isEmpty();
  noSuchMethod(String function_name, List args) {
    ClassSchema schema = objectory.getSchema(type);
    if (schema === null){
      throw "Class $type have not been registered in Objectory";
    if (args.length == 0 && function_name.startsWith("get:")) {
      //synthetic getter
      var property = function_name.replaceFirst("get:", "");
      if ( {
        return this[property];
        super.noSuchMethod(function_name, args);
    else if (args.length == 1 && function_name.startsWith("set:")) {
      //synthetic setter
      var value = args[0];
      var property = function_name.replaceFirst("set:", "");      
      if ( {
        onValueChanging(property, value);
        this[property] = value;
        if (value is InnerPersistentObject){
          value.pathToMe = property;
          value.parent = this;
        return this[property];
      else {       
        super.noSuchMethod(function_name, args);
    //if we get here, then we've not found it - throw.
    super.noSuchMethod(function_name, args);
  void setProperty(String property, value){
  Dynamic get(String property){
    return noSuchMethod('get:$property');
  String toString()=>"$type($map)";
  void init(){}  
  abstract String get type();
  abstract bool isRoot();
abstract class RootPersistentObject extends PersistentObjectBase{
   ObjectId id;
   bool isRoot()=>true;
abstract class InnerPersistentObject extends PersistentObjectBase{
  PersistentObject parent;
  String pathToMe;
  bool isRoot()=>false;
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