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version 0.1 in action

Raspberry Pi IO header to JTAG IDC-20P connector, plus optional UART connectors and power indicators.

Note that JTAG pins are shared with GPIO, which you will need to re-configure in order to enable JTAG. I use my minipi bootloader to do this, which gives me access to JTAG early in the boot. But you can also do this manually from the u-boot prompt:

mw.l 0x3F200000 0x00002000
mw.l 0x3F200008 0x0061B0C0


CERN OHL v1.2, because lets face it, this is rocket science ;)

see LICENSE for details


The repository contains the KiCad project. There are also standalone schematics and gerber files for oshpark and dirtypcbs (and itead/seeed). Note that I have only tested dirtypcbs.

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