Mochitest Tools

This script is designed to work with Mozilla mochitest infrastructure. It was created to remove excludetests from b2g.json, b2g-debug.json, b2g-desktop.json and add skip-ifs to mochitest.ini files.


  • Download Firefox build.
  • Clone mochitest-tools repository
  • Edit the ‘filename’ of js1, js2, js3 variables to put your local path in
  • Edit outfile1, outfile2, outfile3 to put your local path in
  • Run and view the results
  • If everything is proper, skip-ifs will be added to mochitest.ini files for corresponding entries in b2g.json, b2g-debug.json, b2g-desktop.json


This script will only remove those entries of excludetests from b2g.json, b2g-debug.json and b2g-desktop.json that have a mochitest.ini file located in the particular directory. It will leave other entries as it is in the respective .json directory.