Michael[tm] Smith committed 34c09b4

Use default map for test runner in build.

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     os.execv(sys.executable, newArgv)  
 def runTests():
-  schemaMap = os.path.join("tests", "vnu-map.json")
+  args = "--default-map"
+  className = "nu.validator.client.TestRunner"
   classPath = os.pathsep.join(dependencyJarPaths() 
                               + jarNamesToPaths(["non-schema", 
                               + jingJarPath())
-  runCmd('"%s" -classpath %s nu.validator.client.TestRunner %s' % (javaCmd, classPath, schemaMap))
+  runCmd('"%s" -classpath %s %s %s' % (javaCmd, classPath, className, args))
 def splitHostSpec(spec):
   index = spec.find('/')
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