Michael[tm] Smith avatar Michael[tm] Smith committed 6d915a7

added support for building custom page header/footer (b=691, r=hsivonen)

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 deploymentTarget = None
 noSelfUpdate = 0
 useLocalCopies = 0
+pageTemplate = None
 downloadedDeps = 0
 def buildValidator():
+  if pageTemplate:
+    ioJar  = os.path.join("util", "dist", "io-xml-util.jar")
+    pageEmitter = os.path.join("validator", "src", "nu", "validator", "servlet", "PageEmitter.java")
+    runCmd('"%s" -cp %s nu.validator.tools.SaxCompiler %s %s' % (javaCmd, ioJar, pageTemplate, pageEmitter))
   classPath = os.pathsep.join(dependencyJarPaths() 
                               + jarNamesToPaths(["non-schema", 
     elif arg.startswith("--script="):
       script = arg[9:]
     elif arg.startswith("--name="):
-      script = arg[7:]
+      serviceName = arg[7:]
     elif arg.startswith("--genericpath="):
       (genericHost, genericPath) = splitHostSpec(arg[14:])
     elif arg.startswith("--html5path="):
       (html5Host, html5Path) = splitHostSpec(arg[12:])
     elif arg.startswith("--parsetreepath="):
       (parsetreeHost, parsetreePath) = splitHostSpec(arg[16:])
+    elif arg.startswith("--page-template="):
+      pageTemplate = arg[16:]
     elif arg == '--ajp=on':
       useAjp = 1
     elif arg == '--ajp=off':
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