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Adam Monsen  committed ee43c37

Document --control-port command line option.

It took me a while to figure out this option was required for daemonizing the validator service.

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   print "  --jdk-bin=/j2se/bin        -- Sets the paths for all JDK tools"
   print "  --log4j=log4j.properties   -- Sets the path to log4 configuration"
   print "  --port=8888                -- Sets the server port number"
+  print "  --control-port=-1"
+  print "                                Sets the server control port number"
+  print "                                (necessary for daemonizing)"
   print "  --ajp=on                   -- Use AJP13 instead of HTTP"
   print "  --promiscuous-ssl=on       -- Don't check SSL/TLS certificate trust chain"
   print "  --heap=64                  -- Sets the heap size in MB"