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This document lays out the plan for present and future syntax definitions,
given as a URI hierarchy. All files for a given syntax definition are in
one directory. This means a lot of duplication of things like the entity
definitions, but it will help with revision-tracking and packaging.

The general plan is as follows:
  - the first-level directory specifies the format
  - the second-level directory gives the language/combination
    (language version increments are reflected at this level;
     not sure yet exactly how)
  - each directory must have a README detailing what it is
    combination syntax files must state the equivalent versions of
    all stand-alone components

The maintainer of this system is fantasai <>.
  |--relaxng/ - RELAX NG schema for (X)HTML5 with Schematron refinements
  |    |         
  |    |
  |    |--datatype/ - The datatype library used in the RELAX NG schema
  |    |
  |    |
  |    |--tests/ - Unit tests for the schema *and* the non-schema-based 
  |                checker (for now)
  |--non-schema/ - Non-schema-language-based checkers that complement the 
                   RELAX NG schema

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