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nu.validator.gnu library README

2010-10-22 Henri Sivonen (hsivonen@iki.fi)

This library is a modified version of the GNU JAXP library.
This library requires the GNU JAXP library, which can be obtained 
from http://www.gnu.org/software/classpathx/jaxp/

The GNU JAXP library and, hence, this library are licensed under
the "GPL with Library Exception" license. See the source file 
boilerplate and the accompanying COPYING file for details.

The following modifications have been performed:

 * Made the parser deal with <?xml-stylesheet at the start of the file
   (that is, when an XML declaration is absent).

 * Exposed the Locator2 interface.
 * Checked that the part before colon in namespace URIs matches 
   the production for URI schemes.

 * Fixed buffer boundary falling across CDATA end ]]>

 * Adjusted the way line and column numbers are reported around
   line breaks.

 * Made the parser feed the decoded UTF-16 data to an external 

 * All classes except gnu.xml.pipeline.DomConsumer were removed.

 * The class gnu.xml.pipeline.DomConsumer was renamed to
   fi.iki.hsivonen.gnu.xml.pipeline.DomConsumer in order to 
   avoid conflicts with the original.
 * The import statements of the class 
   fi.iki.hsivonen.gnu.xml.pipeline.DomConsumer were reorganized.
 * The behavior of the class 
   fi.iki.hsivonen.gnu.xml.pipeline.DomConsumer was changed so 
   that xmlns attributes are not added to the DOM tree.
 * The package gnu.xml.aelfred2 was pulled from CVS on 
 * The package gnu.xml.aelfred2 was renamed into 
   fi.iki.hsivonen.gnu.xml.aelfred2 and was remerged into 
   this library.
 * The Aelfred2 parser was changed to properly skip the BOM 
   when the encoding is UTF-8 and external encoding information 
   is provided.
 * The Aelfred2 parser was changed to use Draconian character 
   encoding decoders from Java 1.4.
 * Support for UTF-32 was disabled.
 * The Aelfred2 parser was changed to emit warnings about 
   encoding-related issues.
 * Disabled XML 1.1 support from Aelfred2.

 * Made Aelfred2 refuse to change encoding upon internal 
   encoding info, if the named encoding is not roughly 
   an ASCII superset.
 * Added a check that the internal encoding name matches 
   the EncName production.

November 2006

 * Made the Aelfred2 never make network connections on its own 
   bypassing the EntityResolver.
 * Removed support for the ContentHandler2 interface
 * Removed unused variables.
 * Removed internal character decoders to always use the JDK 
   decoder framework.
 * Added Charmod checks
 * Added Charmod Norm checks

May 2007

 * Removed stuff other than the parser
 * Tweaked protection against billion laughs attack
 * Deleted the class XmlReader thereby removing the GNU JAXP 
September 2007

 * Changed the name of the normalization feature.
 * Changed the package name.

 * Fixed indent

 * Support CharacterHandler
 * Count line break as being on the line it terminates

December 2007
 * Fixes to source position reporting.

 * Merge minor changes from Savannah CVS revision 1.10.
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