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+Satchmo uses `Paypal's Instant Payment Notification <>`_ service. The notes below describe how to configure
+it for your setup.
    Defaults to `^paypal/`.
+Step by Step Instructions for Configuring Paypal IPN
+The following steps describe how to configure Paypal IPN for production use.
+    1.  Make sure that 'payment.modules.paypal' is listed in your INSTALLED_APPS tuple, within your file.
+Then go into your /admin settings and ensure the configuration is correct for yuour site:
+    2. In Site Settings -> Payment Settings, Check "Accept real payments".
+    3. In Site Settings -> Paypal Payment Settings, enter your Merchant Paypal account email 
+    4. In Site Settings -> Paypal Payment Settings verify that POST URL is: 
+    5. If you want paypal to adjust your stock levels, make sure your Track inventory levels is checked                       
+Now, configure your Paypal Merchant Account through the Paypal website:
+    6. In History select IPN History 
+    7. Select the enable IPN option
+    8. Use the correct Notification URL. For example:
+Double check your Satchmo sites domain name to make sure it matches the notification url above:
+    9. Go to /admin/sites/site/ and make sure your domain name is the same as the one you configured about in PayPal. In the example above, under Sites put in
 .. index:: Google Checkout
 Google Checkout